Finding The Best Car Parts For Your Car

There are several perks that come with owning a car including the convenience of going wherever you want on your own terms, saved time, the status that comes with owning certain car models and so on. On the flipside, car maintenance and part replacement costs are inevitable yet important costs to all car owners. The bottom line here is to ensure that the car is running efficiently at all times. But how do you find the best car parts and professionals to handle your car if , for example, you need an alloy wheel refurbishment

Classifications of car repair parts

There are three main classifications of parts: New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, new aftermarket parts and the second hand parts. New OEM are the most expensive and mostly used by dealership shops, the new aftermarket parts are the most commonly used by independent repair shops. The second hand parts are usually car parts that are salvaged from other vehicles but that are still in a great working condition.  As the car owner, the decision on the preferred category lies on you. 

However, these preferences may vary from time to time based on the car parts needed, their cost and your current financial status. For example, if you are purchasing frequently replaced parts such as the braking pads or side mirrors, your best option- based on availability and affordability- is aftermarket parts but if you are looking for a specialised car part, then new OEM is your best option. In some cases, the parts you may be looking for may no longer be manufactured, especially for classic vehicles or models that are no longer being manufactured. In such cases, high quality second hand parts are your best option.

Factors to consider

First, you must consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on the spare parts. This determines the aforementioned category of parts that you can afford and where the parts will be purchased.  The second consideration is the age of your vehicle which determines the exact spare parts that can be used. For example, if there was a change in design, then the year of manufacture is extremely important since newer versions of parts may not fit into your vehicle.

Third, you must consider how the replacement parts will affect the current and future value of your vehicle. This is important for insurance and resale purposes. Fourth, if the warrant is still valid, you must consider whether the maintenance and repair services such as alloy wheel refurbishment are covered by the warrant and what it would mean if you were to act independently.  Acting independently in cases where the parts or services in question are still covered may render the warrant null and void.

Mechanical proficiency

Even if you identify the best parts but the professional tasked with replacing them does not have the prerequisite skills and experience, the ultimate end product will be substandard. It is therefore important to work with a mechanic who understands or specialises on the specific car model and who has the required level of experience to do a good job. Identifying and working with a certified mechanic is a great way to ensure quality work. Where possible, build a rapport with a single mechanic or shop over the years.